United Way is an international network of over 1,800 local non-profit fundraising affiliates. Mojave Valley United Way (MVUW) was founded by a few local people who wanted to make a difference in the Barstow Area. Today, the Executive Director and the volunteer Board of Directors work to promote education, health, and economic stability in the community by utilizing the giving power of the people and businesses who live and function in the Barstow Area. This includes extended parts of region like the Silver Valley.

When Executive Director John Gregg became aware of the Silver Valley Fire Alliance, he advised they may be eligible to obtain support from MVUW.  If approved by the board of directors, MVUW would assist SVFAs mission by providing quarterly disbursements.

After an application process including document submissions and an interview. The board of directors determined SVFA would be a good candidate to be awarded support!

In addition to offering quarterly disbursements that help missions like SVFA’s. MVUW also assist children in the community by providing students with food through its Kids Pack Program. More evidence of their commitment to the community are campaigns like the Schools Tools Program. An initiative that collects school supplies to distribute throughout Barstow unified school district. 

With the motto to “Live United” MVUW also provides an extensive network of organizations that can lean on each other for assistance in the form of collaborative events, promotional opportunities, and business generation.

For more information on the Mojave Valley United Way, their programs, and ways you can support visit: 

Mojave Valley United Way


As a newly founded non-profit organization. Help from operations like MVUW is critical to the continued development and growth of the emergency operations in the more rural parts of the area. We would like to take this time to “THANK” the MVUW Board of Directors for helping the volunteer Fire Departments of the Silver Valley Do More!

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