The idea is simple. Run 4 miles, every 4 hours, for 48 hours. Almost two full  marathons in 2 days. Modified versions of the challenge are accepted. As long has participants do some form of exercise every four hours. As the team raising money for the Silver Valley Fire Alliance quickly found out, simple ideas can take much perseverance. Its called the 4x4x48 Challenge and for the second year in a row SVFA had people willing to participate in the grueling challenge to raise funds and awareness for the volunteer fire departments of the N. Hi-Desert.

David Goggins, a retired Navy Seal, ultra marathon runner, motivational speaker, and author. Is the creator of the challenge. 2022 marks the third year he issued the challenge for anyone around the world willing to push themselves. The best part about it, its all for charity!


Social Media post after one of the challenge legs

Running enthusiasts accepted the challenge on behalf of the SVFA.  A unique aspect is participates don’t have to be at the same location. SVFAs team included runners in Las Vegas, Houston, Riverside, Long Beach, and Barstow.  All logging their progress on social media with videos, pictures, and  screenshots using the hashtag #4x4x48Challenge.

David Goggin ran with multiple groups this year. One runner TJ Herzog of Riverside Ca, got to run alongside the “toughest man alive” in Costa Mesa.

“It was incredible, he (Goggins) stayed after the run and took pictures with everyone. He told the gym that he wasn’t leaving until every person who wanted a picture with him, got it.”  Herzog stated after meeting the endurance athlete. 

The interaction with the Can’t Hurt Me author solidifies his humble and respectful nature.

TJ Herzog with David Goggins after the final leg.

All in all the challenge/fundraiser was a success. With the participants being able to raise $2600 in 2 days. The Silver Valley Fire Alliance would like to Thank; Ben Web, Manny Flores, TJ Herzog, Ramon Uribre, Justin Mears, Fernado Cantu, Luke Kitchen and all the wonderful people who donated. 

Check out the video summary of the 4x4x48 Challenge below.

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