Those who volunteer as firefighters are unique individuals. They do an insanely dangerous job for little to no financial incentive, hence the word volunteer.  While there is a great sense of satisfaction that comes when extinguishing a kitchen fire before it spreads to the rest of the house or removing  twisted metal from around a patient before they are airlifted to a hospital by helicopter. The end goal is to get to a point where you will be paid a salary for all your hard work. Gabe Morison embodies the path and is a success story to how the system can work.

Gabe became a volunteer with Daggett Fire Department so he could attain skills he needed to pursue a career as a professional firefighter. During his time he gained invaluable hands-on experience, that was the expectation. What he didn’t understand is that he would develop an unwavering passion for this noble profession.


Gabe in between sets at a Sta-Fit workout.

During his time with Daggett Fire he has been able to hone his skills, He underwent rigorous training in firefighting techniques, emergency medical response, and equipment operation. All while in diligent pursuit of fire certifications.

The pursuit of those certifications is where SVFA was able to help fill the gap. With funds attained from generous donations, contributions, and fundraisers. SVFA was able to surprise Gabe after one of the USAR training evolutions with a scholarship to pay for his firefighter I & firefighter II certifications. Qualifications needed for him to be eligible for employment in the fire service.


Scholarship reveal after a day of training.

Gabe is now a full-time firefighter in Whidbey Island, WA. 

“Transitioning from a volunteer to a career firefighter is the natural progression in my professional journey. I am eager to leverage the experiences gained as a volunteer to contribute meaningfully to a full-time firefighting role. My aspiration is to further my impact, serve my community on a larger scale, and continually strive for excellence in this demanding yet rewarding career.”

                                                                                       -Gabe Morison

While he is missed in the Silver Valley, his time running emergencies in our region is beyond appreciated. 



“What determines the direction and force of this pathway is what the fire likes to do, what we like to do and also what the wind likes to do!”

-Paul Grimwood, Reference: Survive in the Flow – path

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