The SVFA Mission

Silver Valley Fire Alliance exists to provide support for all first responders and crews in the Silver Valley, and ensure a depressed socioeconomic region receives the same standard of training and equipment as any other well-funded metropolitan area. Although Daggett, Yermo, and Newberry Springs are located in the largest county in the United States – San Bernardino County – there are simply not enough resources for stations in the Silver Valley Area. Each township is responsible for operating their departments and providing care to their cities and the millions of commuters who travel through. 

SVFA is an integrity-based nonprofit organization providing the highest quality training, equipment, and resources for fire, rescue, and emergency medical professionals in the Northern High Desert Region of San Bernardino County, CA. Our commitment to the citizens, commuters, and tourists who need these services is unmatched.

Our Vision

To bring a standard of training and care to the volunteer fire departments who are part of the SVFA. Through the use of a formalized training program and rotation of committed firefighter volunteers, SVFA creates a premier fire training program renowned around the United States at no cost to the individual volunteers. Furthermore, we strive to keep a standard of updated equipment vital to emergency operations. 

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Find out how you can get involved or volunteer your experience with SVFA.

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We assist all volunteer crews in the Silver Valley region with training and resource support.

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We exist to secure funding and equipment for the volunteer firefighters of the Silver Valley.

Service Area

We proudly offer training, resources, and other assistance to emergency response teams located in the northern region of San Bernardino County, CA. Resources for volunteer firefighters throughout Silver Valley are limited, which is why we are determined to provide them with everything necessary to operate in a safe and efficient manner.

Our Board of Directors

Executive Director

Firefighter Corey Sierra

Board Member

Chief Jim Brakebill

Chief Daphne Lanier
Board Member

Chief Daphne Lanier

Chief Hultquist
Board Member

Chief Sid Hultquist

Board Member

Chief Wayne Clemons

Lisa Comnick
Board Member

FF/PM Lisa Comnick

Board Member

Captain Kevin Craven

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