In the spirit of recognizing and honoring the courageous individuals who dedicate their lives to protecting our communities, Silver Valley Fire Alliance is thrilled to announce of the Firefighter Scholarship Giveaway. This initiative aims to support and empower aspiring firefighters, providing them with the educational resources needed to blaze a trail of excellence in this noble profession.

Firefighters are the unsung heroes who risk their lives to safeguard others in times of crisis. We deeply appreciate their commitment and bravery. The Firefighter Scholarship Giveaway is a small gesture to express our gratitude and contribute to the educational pursuits of those who aspire to join the ranks of these everyday heroes.

Thanks to a very generous donation by Elementis Global, Ramon Uribe of the YCFD will be attending an academy to receive nationally recognized firefighting certifications. Check back to see Ramon’s progress. 


Elementis is a global specialty chemicals company that collaborates closely with customers to create innovative solutions that are tailored to their needs and goals.
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