A college graduate, Roberto choose to path to serve the community. For close to three years he has also been working as an emergency medical technician is fast-pace EMS system based in Barstow CA. 
Roberto is also a local resident of Newbery Springs CA. A town located just North of Barstow. When he’s not running emergency incidents with the private ambulance he’s running them with the Newberry Springs Fire Departments as a volunteer Firefighter. Roberto knows the path he want to take. A path of assisting others. While he is already fulfilling that goal through his full-time job and community service. Roberto’s dream is to become a full-time career fireman. ‘
He knows that the fire departments around the nation are in desperate need of certified Paramedics. He also knew that tuition for the Paramedic Academy is not free. This is where SVFA can step in and help Roberto Do More. Utilizing the funds raised from last years #4x4x48Challenge  SVFA presented Roberto with a check to help pay the tuition of paramedic training.
Over the last year, Roberto has been in an intense Paramedic Training Academy. In June of 2023 SVFA is proud to announce that Roberto has complete his academy and is well on his way to becoming a Nationally Registered Licensed Paramedic and a career Fireman. 
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“What determines the direction and force of this pathway is what the fire likes to do, what we like to do and also what the wind likes to do!”

-Paul Grimwood, Reference: Survive in the Flow – path

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