Firefighters Putting Out Crash Fire
The Desert Eagle Training Program launch is undetermined. Please check back for updates!

There are three categories of training in which entry-level firefighters must be certified to operate on emergency incidents. Emergency Medical Technician, Basic Fire Academy, and Driver Operator. The importance of these certifications is paramount to safely and effectively perform duties as emergency responders. Fire departments across the United States train their personnel up to these three main categories. There are dozens of more certifications that professional departments may require their personnel to obtain based on the service areas needs. For example – Hazardous Material Technician, Rescue Technician, Aerial Truck Driver/Operator, etc.

Many of the personnel assigned to the volunteer departments in the Silver Valley have few (or no) certifications, but they still respond to dangerous emergency incidents. They put themselves in harm’s way with limited training and outdated equipment out of the love for their communities.

The Desert Eagle Training Program is designed to attract individuals interested in breaking into the Fire Service. Financial assistance is offered for this training by Silver Valley Fire Alliance in exchange for a two-year commitment to volunteer departments in the Northern High Desert Region.

Desert Eagle Training Program
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