“Non-pressurized, Self-Serviceable, more dependable and the 1st complete redesign of the fire extinguisher in 70 years is what I was told.

He was referring to the revolutionary UL Listed RUSOH® ELIMINATOR® Fire Extinguisher

Last summer, a demonstration of this innovative safety technology was given to SVFA’s Founder, Corey Sierra by The Team at Fire Technology Innovations (FTI). The demonstration left Mr. Sierra excited.

“This extinguisher is a Game Changer! It’s what streaming services are to analog TV, this is the future.”  Mr. Sierra said after witnessing the demonstration.

By State Fire Code, traditional commercial fire extinguishers require annual service inspections by State Licensed vendors who charge between $15 to $45 per extinguisher for basic servicing. This isn’t a big deal when you have one or two, but when you have hundreds, those fees add up.   

Eliminator Inventor, Randy Rousseau with SVFA founder Corey Sierra at Rousseau's Riverside Office

State Code mandates servicing because fire extinguishers may malfunction from a phenomenon called Caking. This is where the firefighting powder inside compacts due to constant pressure and vibration. 

The antiquated, pressurized metal canister design is also susceptible to rusting.

Code also requires traditional extinguishers must be completely torn down every 6 years where the internal powder of the extinguisher is expelled into a hopper. 

After internal & external inspection, the powder is reloaded, the extinguisher is reassembled and re-pressurized, which is clumsy, dangerous and very costly! 

The disruptive innovation of The RUSOH® ELIMINATOR® has simplified the servicing where a RUSOH® Certified customer can now perform the annual servicing* and the 6 year teardown is not required. *Some states may require additional licensing.

A few turns of the external fluffing wheel rotates an internal auger which ensures the powder is in a fluid state This is the only extinguisher that you can visually verify the powder is ready:

Self Servicing saves money, adds security and customers now can have full control of the extinguisher inventory.  


When purchasing The RUSOH® ELIMINATOR® Fire Extinguisher* for your home, RV, Boat or Business or any of FTI’s products, a portion of the funds go toward Training, Equipment, and Recruitment for the volunteer Fire Departments in the N. High Desert. So buy yours today! Be sure to type SVFA in notes at purchase.

*Available in 2 1/2 lb & 5lb 

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