A training event like nothing the region has ever seen. Electric Vehicle Emergency Response Automobile Extrication Seminar (E.V./E.R. Auto X). The I-15 and I-40 freeway roll right through the Silver Valley. Many of the emergencies the Daggett, Yermo, & Newberry Springs Fire departments respond to are on these major traffic hubs between SoCal, Nevada and Arizona. Vehicle extrication is a core skill for firefighters (career & volunteer) in the region. With the ever emerging growth of electric and hybrid vehicles on the roadways. The need for responders to understand the details of how to fight fire and extricate on them is vast.  Recognizing the need. The Silver Valley Fire Alliance formed a committee with one goal in mind, Providing training to first responders so they can operate safer when responding to EV emergencies. Hence the idea for E.V./E.R. Auto X was born.

Jason Defosse the Director of Outreach & Education @ Energy Security Agency (ESA)



The E.V./E.R Auto X committee sought out to find experts in the field of electric vehicle & hybrid emergency response. After a search to find an industry leader that could fit the unique needs of a training event of this nature.

The committee found the perfect fit. Jason Defosse is spearheading the training efforts in the US and Canada on the subject. He is an extrication specialist.

Once Jason & his training cadre agreed to come to the Silver Valley. The committee began the process of logistically putting the event together.

The event was a spectacular success! Over 50 participants took part in the seminar. All getting a lecture and walk around of the important factors related to electric vehicles.




No Teslas were hurt during the E.V./E.R. Auto X                                                                                    

All participants were able to practice the techniques learned in the classroom and during the walk-around in the pits during the hands-on portion.

The pits are where the simulated action takes place. Each pit represented a EV or hybrid vehicle emergency. They consisted of fundamentals, T-bone/intersection EV extrication, vehicle on its side, EV roll over, and a fire suppression pit.

Many vendors came out to connect, representatives included:

California Casualty Insurance, Fire Technology Innovations, Firefighters for Christ, & 5.11 Tactical

Western Extrication Specialists & LN Curtis provided the latest electric powered tools for the Firefighters to use.

All in all the E.V./E.R. Auto X was a monumental success! Thanks to the wonderful Silver Valley community partners.

Committee: Corey Sierra, Bill Moorman, Dean Burchill, Duncan Young, and   Robert Hernandez





Special Thank You to our Sponsors


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