In May of 2021 the Executive Director of SVFA received a phone call, “You’ve won the grant.” The person on the other end of the call was the grant coordinator for 555 Fitness. An organization that promotes health and wellness within the emergency service community. The grant is an array of exercise equipment and health related items.


For a full list of the awarded items provided and info on how to apply for the Strength is our Foundation grant click the link.

An incredible win for SVFA and the volunteer fire departments of the region. There was only one question to be answered, “How was the $15,000 grant package going to be distributed?” There are three fire departments associated with SVFA. Each one has there own unique challenges, triumphs, and needs. After consideration from the SVFA Board of Directors. The decision was made to house all of the fitness equipment under one roof. Multiple locations in the region were considered, but ultimately Daggett Station 373 was chosen as SVFA’s Sta-Fit Center. With Daggett Community Service District approval and assistance from DFD Assistant Fire Chief, Wayne Clemons. The last few months have been about cleaning and securing the facility. As well as consulting with SVFA Lawyers on waiver agreements drafts and insurance considerations. The purchase of additional gym necessities was also needed to make the Sta-Fit center an all around workout/exercise experience.


Finally, After months of planning, purchasing, printing, cleaning, and assembling. SVFA’s Sta-Fit Center is open as a physical training facility to ALL active volunteer Firefighters in the N. Hi Desert. Access is available 24/7 both on and off duty.

July’s Sta-Fit workout marked the inaugural use of the facility. Certified personal trainer and former FF/PM, Lydsey Tarin of Dimond Fitness Training made a special trip to the hi-desert to lead the workout. Volunteer FFs from Daggett, Yermo, & Newberry Springs along with members of MCLB Fire and the US Marine Corps gathered for the special Sta-Fit.

Safety briefing before the workout.
Participants prepare to sweat.
Participants utilizing Assault Bike.
Lyndsey Tarin assist in exercise demonstration.
Participant drags sled during METCON.

SVFA was created to obtain training, equipment, and recruitment to the volunteer Fire Departments of the Silver Valley. Physical Fitness is an area of training not excluded from the mission. With the new equipment donated by 555 Fitness and their Strength is our Foundation grant. The benefit of having a Sta-Fit Center in the region can be used as recruitment incentive to attract new volunteers.

The Silver Valley Fire Alliance would like to Thank Cj Hilliard and Robert Piparo of 555 Fitness along with Lyndsey Tarin with Diamond Fitness Training. The opportunities they have afforded to the volunteer FFs in the Sliver Valley are greatly appreciated.

For more information on 555 Fitness connect.

IG: @555fitness

FB:555 fitness


For info on fitness coaching connect.

IG: @Diamond_Fitness_Training

FB: Diamond Fitness


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