Retired Navy Seal and endurance athlete David Goggins, issued a challenge via social media. The famed Cant Hurt Me author challenged anyone who dared to run 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours. By the end of the two days participants would run a total of 48 miles. An amount almost equivalent to two full marathons. Modified versions of the challenge were approved on the condition that participants did any form of exercise every four hours during the challenge.

With the goal of the challenge to raise money for the participant’s favorite charity. Silver Valley Fire Alliance Founder, FF Corey Sierra accepted  and completed the challenge. Doing a modified version consisting of running, circuit exercise, bike ride, and stair climb.

All the efforts paid off with $2,600 raised from the event. The donated funds was enough to reimburse firefighter volunteers who completed Driver/Operator Certification training.

“It’s my belief that you guys are already here, you guys are already volunteering, putting your lives on the line. You shouldn’t have to pay to get better.”

The founder said to the group of volunteers when he revealed they were going to be reimbursed for their tuition and books.

As SVFA’s first official fundraiser the 4x4x48 Challenge was monumental success. Check out the Silver Valley Fire Alliance YouTube Channel for a video summary of the event.

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