Newberry Springs Water Donation

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many essential supplies were difficult, or impossible to find. While not being able to stock up on toilet paper had some people panicking, Silver Valley Fire Alliance was more concerned with not being able to source essential supplies for firefighters, like bottled water.

We were overjoyed when Niagara water donated cases of drinking water for our crews. We brought a truckload of water to the hardworking volunteers at Newberry Springs, Dagget, and Yermo Fire Stations. These first responders put their lives on the line everyday to help others – it was our honor to be able to provide them with bottles of Niagara drinking water.

Chief Lanier of Newberry Springs was so appreciative as she had begun to worry about how to provide water to her team. She said,

Truckload Of Water Bottles For Newberry Springs
Unloading Water For Newberry Springs
Sierra, my heart is so full right now! Thank You, John & Brian, for picking them up & delivering it all [cases of water] – you rock! I have been so stressed out about getting water for my guys, with NOBODY having any available in stores right now. Please tell your dad Thank You from the bottom of my heart. I cried when I saw these pictures, like I said my heart is full & VERY THANKFUL. I have a GREAT FAMILY. I love my brothers.
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