Attend our First Saturday Drills program, held the first Saturday of each month. FSD is a 4-hour training initiative focused on improving how all mutual aid partners interact on emergency scenes. It serves a secondary purpose of assisting all seven agencies involved in getting to know our personnel better. Training schedules are detailed below and held at the assigned station for that given month.

What To Expect

  • Training will be conducted on the 1st Saturday of every month. The assigned Engine is to be at Daggett Fire Station 372 by 1800 (unless directed otherwise.)
  • Training will be for a minimum of two hours.
  • Personnel are to participate, and on scheduled days, facilitate training.
  • First Saturday Drills will be the time to address concerns, issues, and establish a better working relationship with mutual aid partners.
  • All mutual aid partners are encouraged to participate regardless of assigned rotation.
  • As a courtesy, First Saturday Drills Coordinator will remind Chiefs and Captains of the next scheduled training, one week prior.
  • This mutual aid training effort is a work in progress, suggestions to improve are welcome.
  • First Saturday Drills Coordinator is currently FF Corey Sierra. Any issues that arise during emergency incidents please contact Corey via the form on our contact page. (This is so he can relay the concerns to the appropriate supervisor, and it can be addressed and resolved.)


First Saturday Drills Partners

Chief Wayne Clemons
Daggett Fire Chief
Station 371

Fire Chief Jim Brakebill
Yermo Station 381

Captain Tonee Moreb
Yermo Station 381

Fire Chief Daphne Lanier
NSFD Station 392

Chief Corey Rodgers
NSFD Station 392

Chief Jonny Torgeson
MCLB Barstow Fire
Station 402

Captain Kevin Craven
MCLB Barstow Fire
Station 401

Chief Robert Springer
Ft Irwin Bldg 1206

Chief Adam Caudle
Ft Irwin Bldg 1206

Art Rodriguez
Desert Ambulance

Elbert Muncy
Desert Ambulance

Richard Hanes
Outreach Coordinator
Mercy Air 66

Mark Driscoll
Accounts Executive
Mercy Air 66

Captain Brian Olsen
Emergency Command Center

Chief Brandon Lanning
Emergency Command Center

Chief Kelly Anderson
Assistant Chief
SBCo Division 5

Station Officer Loren Pitts
SBCo Fire Liasion
Hinkley Station 56

Chief Keith Valetta
Battlion Chief
Station 361

Captain Travis Espindoza
Station 361

2023 First saturday Drills Details

The 2023 schedule for FSD, along with a full list of participants, is available at the link below. Please note that all training will be conducted as pandemic allows.

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